New Mexico Pest Management Of Alamogordo

Taking care of pest problems so you don’t have too

Meeting our objectives for over 25 years

New Mexico Pest Management Of Alamogordo has been striving to meet our objective with every customer for more then 25 years.
Our first objective is safety, why would anyone give up safety to control pests?
The entire reason we have a business is we take the safety of you, your kids and pets so serious.
Our second objective is Knowing the biology and identifying the pests we are after, makes for good control and makes since.
Most if not all pests live or spend most of their time in cracks, this is where we will place our pesticides for the best and safest control. 
If you control the outside, you will control the inside without spraying inside. We have no problem treating the inside once in awhile, and depending the pest will depend what we need to do or use, but building up residual on inside does not make a lot of sense to me when we probably need to find out where they are coming in at and take care of it outside.
We take care of problems so you don’t have too.

Simply Put, We Are the local professionals! 


Joe Wood-Pest Management Professional.

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Susan Wood-Office Manager and Pest Management Professional.
 575 434-1076

Were There for You!

Training and education in this industry is the best way to differentiate ourselves from our competition.
I was lucky to have a Father that was a urban entomologist at the University Of Maryland and he pointed me toward American Pest in Tacoma Park Maryland, it was with them I learned Pest Management. They are true professionals.  

I came to New Mexico in 1990 and started my own pest control New Mexico Pest Management Of Alamogordo, with my wife Susan. We made our home here in Alamogordo and I still love what I do!





Spiders, Scorpions, roaches

oh my

We have 3 main programs
 1 time service will get them under control for a period of time till the pesticide breaks down outside.
Longer term control we have a Bi-Monthly service (every other month). Sign a service agreement for 12 months, and we drop the initial charge for the initial treatment and start you at our low Bi-Monthly charge. (1st treatment takes a lot more time and material to complete)
Initial service
You want longer term control, but don’t want to sign a service agreement; We have you covered.
We charge an initial service charge and continue every other month till you say stop.

Whatever service you choose, we will stand behind out work like we have done for 26 years!


Termites and Termite Inspections.

We have both, a baiting program and a liquid treatment.

Which is better?

Liquid treatments with Termidor lasts a long time and work really well. Where concrete is next to the house we drill and inject under the slab. Where dirt is contacting the house, we will dig a small trench to keep the excess termiticide next to the house.  

Baiting: The advantage of baiting with Sentricon is it can also protect your wooden fence or other wooden structures on your property by eliminating the colony. You always know what activity is going on around the house, or if there is new activity, because we monitor the stations every the year.

Mice, Rats, Gophers & Bats

We can use baits, snap traps and sticky traps. We also include minor rodent proofing with our treatment program.

We also provide exclusion work.

You can keep trapping till you are blue in the face, to gain real control of rodents, you need to control the food source, harborage. After you have what they are after under control, they will except control methods much better! We are not done yet, now we need to find how they are coming in and exclude them.
Call me Gopher Boy!
I am very good at trapping gophers. Most of the time we catch one or two and that’s it for the year depending on populations around the area.